WE ARE Thailand’s Sugar Suppliers

We are an International Import / Export company operating as Principal Merchants specializing in the purchase and sale of Physical Food Commodities shipped and delivered to world markets. In our business operations we operate as Principal Merchants delivering physical food commodities to world markets in either large or small quantities. Minimum quantity is 500 MT through quantities of 1000MT, 2500 MT, 5000 MT, 12,500MT, 25k MT, 50k MT, 100kMT, 250k MT, 500k MT, 1 mil MT, 2 mil MT, etc

  • We combine Quality Workmanship, Superior Knowledge and Low Prices
  • Our sophisticated manufacturing unit has set the highest standards to provide the clients with the flexibility and quality, which they require in high quality eco friendly packing. Our quality control experts conduct quality checks before disposing the sugar to the market.
  • We employ a highly qualified team of professionals, who hold a vast experience in their respective domains.
  • The team works hard relentlessly to cater to the client specific demands and ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • 15 Years Experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction
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Our talented team and their commitment to deliver on what we promise aligned with our customer with high expectations.


Extensive trading and risk management expertise, experience across commodities, proximity to producers, and strong analytics to support our business partners.


Our access to the world best-in-class sugar producers to provide a full range of sugar qualities with privileged access to very high quality sugar.


  • Logistic efficiency – Our significant warehousing, transportation, and terminal access across all major origins creates executional efficiency and control. Our deep understanding of logistics issues provides opportunities for differentiated supplier and customer solutions.
  • Supply chain visibility from sugar mill to final shipment destination plus alignment with Quality & Food Safety Management programs allows for quality differentiation: You can be confident in your supply.
  • Flexibility of supply – Multiple origin access, global presence and deep logistics expertise allows flexibility in supply. We provide flexible solutions for when there is an urgent need or if plans change.
  • Execution expertise & experience – Deep sugar execution and expertise combined with a strong focus on our customers’ and suppliers’ needs helps ensure timely and efficient execution.
  • Insight – Our customers and suppliers benefit from the deep market insights our global footprint offers to help them make smart pricing, purchasing, and sales decisions.
    We believe that development of the communities in which we operate will result in the empowerment of not just the people in these communities but the nation at large..

At The Thailand Sugar Suppliers, our belief is that our work is not over when we report profitability to our shareholders. We believe we are equally responsible to contribute to the society within which we operate. To this end, we have sponsored a host of programmes that positively impacts the well being of the people and sections of the society that need intervention to better their prospects.

In a bid to improve the educational level of our staff families and the communities we operate in, we have tried to contribute by building a variety of educational institutions that educate, provide employability skills and help improve the standard of living of the people in these communities.